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Q : Why do I decide to choose Forever Young, not another Network Marketing?
A :

Forever Young is also a pioneer member of APLI (the Direct Selling Association of Indonesia).
The products of Forever Young has a high quality of which the price reasonable. Therefore, will not trouble Distributor in marketing products.
It is the effective career system planning, there are over 30 people reaching the highest level (SND). This proves that the career stage offered is not merely a wholly dream, if done diligently and hard.

Q : Doesn't Network Marketing such as Forever Young exploit the down-line?
A :

This is cliche question and frequently questioned. You have to be able to differ between Network Marketing and Money Game (very adverse system). You can see this case in many books with Smart Series MLM written by Andrias Harefa.

Forever Young will give the royalty from any of your efforts that is done by the up-line in developing the network and market, without cutting the income right of the down-line. The down-line is also entitled to get the consultation and training from the up-line, without any charge/fee. The down-line will also gets the royalty from his/her service in developing the network and market. Such goes in the same way.

There in no push either from company or the up-line toward the down-line's activities or efforts in developing the network and market, this will result in an impact on the down-line's income.

Q : Is this website an official site of FOREVER YOUNG INDONESIA (FYI)?
A : No. This website is the site that is managed by Distributor of Forever Young Indonesia.

Here is the official site of Forever Young Indonesia :
Q : Does joining Forever Young means automatically a Distributor of Forever Young Indonesia?
A : Not yet. If you have filled out the form page and sent your data, you just become a new prospective Distributor in our network. Then you will be contacted by your up-line, and you may ask further to make sure what you still don't understand, learn how to develop the network. Your up-line will ask about your readness to register. And if you are ready, furthermore you will be asked to visit the nearest Stockist/DC from your residence. Your up-line will give a name/your sponsor number to be written in registration form.

By having registered at the Stockist/DC, you have become a member of Distributor of Forever Young Indonesia officially.
Q : What happens if I decide not to join or register at the Stockist/DC?
A : No problem. if you have decided not to join, the administration staff will erase your data, and automatically all the down-line that have registered under you will belong to your up-line.
Q : What should I do if in my town there are no Stockist/DC?
A :

Don't be restless because since April 1, 2001 the Forever Young Office has provided the on-line transaction in wherever you live you will register yourself easily or order the products of Forever Young. Business Kit and products will automatically arrive at your home.

Also, you can perform purchasing of the products through us by just clicking the button on the left side.

Q : What sorts of requirements should I meet to be a Distributor of Forever Young?
A : No complicated requirements.
Fisrt. You must reach at the age of 17 (adult age) or if you haven't reached that age you must enclose the agreement letter from your parents.
Second. You must register yourself directly at Stockist/DC of the nearest Forever Young or at on-line with your name/sponsor number. And you are obliged to purchase a Business Kit containing one set of Introduction to Forever Young Business with several product sample.
Third. And above all, your DILIGENCE and HARDWORKING and high WILLINGNESS to reach the devolopment and better future. WISH YOU LUCK.

We feel that by reading all information that has been provided has given you about what sort of understanding and other thinks concerning Network Marketing of Forever Young, and we are very convinced tha you are about to join to be a Distributor of Forever Young Indonesia.

Please click icon on left side to join us.

May you reach the peak of success with us.

Should you have any questions that have not been answered yet, please contact