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Our Products Policy
"To keep abreast with the advancement of science and technology in the research, development and marketing of superior quality products that are in harmony with nature yet priced within the reach of the average consumer."

Our Product Range :
  • Health Foods.
  • Health Care.
  • Personal Care.
  • Household.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Beverage.
  • Agro products.
  • Others.
Below we present several qualified products of Forever Young Indonesia. For complete information about the whole products, you can see our at our official site of Forever Young Indonesia.

Hi Potency Lyophilised Royal Jelly


Hi Potency Lyophilised Royal Jelly is health food derived from bee's frozen salivary glands.
Benefits :
  • For anyone who losing their lust.
  • For skin disease.
  • Stomach pain due to menstruation.
  • To prevent cancer cell spreading.
  • To increase pregnancy chance.
  • To restore muscles elasticity.
  • Good nutrition for growth.
  • To inhibit the aging process.
  • To add fitness and physical strength.
  • For disgestion problem.
  • Constipation.
  • To cure disease of blood circulation.
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BIG C Plus


BIG C Plus is vitamin C with dosage of 500 mg that has TIME RELEASED in characteristic. It can improve this shortage by controling the release and vitamin C solvent in flank fluid.
Benefit for anyone :
  • Who need high concentration level.
  • Who is stressed.
  • Alcohol addict.
  • Bruised.
  • To prevent cancer.
  • Colagen forming.
  • To protect body from infection attack.
  • To delay aging effect.
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Magnetic Therapy Cup


The Magnetic Therapy Cup has effects: to increase osmotic pressure. The reaction from the magnet on the glass lid and the glass bottom make the water in the middle experience magneticization process. The molecules of magneticized water will be broken into pieces and its osmotic will increase. The water with this high osmotic pressure prevent the forming of sodium and limestones in our body. Blood changes to be cleaner and fresher.
Benefits :
  • To smooth body metabolism.
  • To assist to destroy kidney stone.
  • To leave out body stone.
  • To prevent hypertension and colesterol.
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Super Bionic Vertilizer (Tablet)


The Super Bionic is natural vertilizer in the form of solid as the result of extracting from different organics and acting spesifically toward plants.
Contents :
  • Macro compounds (N, K2O, P2O5, MgO, CaO, S).
  • Micro compounds (B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn, Cl).
  • Organic acid and bioactive compounds + 17 kinds of enzime amino acid + vitamin.
  • Soil conditioner, Bioremedioator.
  • Biostimulatant to stimulate the growth and development of beneficial microbes.
  • Compound Regulator of Natural Growing (GA3, IAA and sitokinin or Zeatin).
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Super Bionic Vertilizer (Liquid/Flower&Fruit)


The Super Bionic is liquid organic vertilizer with high quality equalized with the basic concept vertilizing. The result of extract from various qualified organic waste (plant, fish, animal, and other waste). This vertilizer is processed with assistance with microbes based on the superior biotechnology.

The solution of Super Bionic is rich of nutritions and bioactive compounds of macro and micro compounds, 17 different amino acid, organic acid, enzime, vitamin and so on.

This vertilizer contains beneficial microbes, as producer of growing hormone and bioactive compounds. It contains compound regulator of natural growing (GA3, IAA and sitokinin or Zeatin).

Superiority :
  1. To return Natural Ecosystem (Bioremediator).
  2. To increase availibility of compound.
  3. To stimulate root and plant growth.
  4. Biocontrol Agent.
  5. Multipurposes.
  6. To increase farmer's business efficiency.
  7. Practical and Precesion.
  8. Biotechnology.
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Bio GREEN (High Antioxidant Phytoherbal)


Bio Green is health drink that can assist to neutralize the negative effect of free radical. It is processed from the main basic substance with complete contain, for instance, Vitamin, Protein, Mineral and Antioxidant that are very beneficial to increase health.

Antioxidant has an important role to build body immunity, helping internal reaction that pushes the body's ability to resist disease organism attack including bacteria and degenerative disease.

Benefits :
  • To prevent cancer.
  • To prevent heart attack.
  • To prevent diabetes.
  • To prevent arthritis.
  • To prevent hypertension.
  • To prevent stroke.
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Coarse Rice Powder


Coarse Rice Powder is processed by means of modern technology so that all of the nutrition contents in the rice do not disappear. This wheat contains 100% original red rice. The red rice does not mean the red rice color, but it means the rice that is not peeled yet.
Benefits :
  • To soften coarse skin.
  • To cure asthma.
  • To decrease sugar degree of high blood.
  • To enhance energy.
  • To overcome insomenia.
  • To cure constipation.
  • To assist to smooth disgestion.
  • To assist to prevent cancer cell spreading.
  • To serve as natural meal of diet program.
  • To assist to cure hemorrhoids.
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Naturel Propolis Liquid Concentrated


Naturel Propolis Liquid Concentrated is health meal that is processed from mixture of genetic elements and secretion of bee. It is formulated in the form of liquid with a pump package.
Benefits :
  1. To assist body's immunization system.
  2. To rejuvenate the skin and to delay the aging process.
  3. To serve as natural antibiotic.
  4. To enhance blood circulation.
  5. To assist to cure :
    • Alergy
    • Burns
    • Sore throat
    • Infected respitory tract
    • Cough
    • Tumor
    • Bruised
    • Acne
    • Skin disease
    • Influenza
    • Suppurated
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Forever Wonder Gel


Forever Wonder Gel has main extract content of Aloe Vera that is useful for health, especially for skin health.
Benefits :
  • To leave out acne and spots on skin.
  • To leave out scar and sunburns.
  • To treat hair and head skin.
  • To cure mouth ulcer.
  • To cure constipation and blooded hemorrhoids.
  • To cure and prevent infection on cuts and bruise.
  • To accelerate the recovery process on burns.
  • To leave out pains and to prevent skin peeling off due to sun burns.
  • To handle different kinds of skin eruption.
  • To cure insect sting.
  • To overcome pressure and tension on skin (signs/stripes) after delivering baby.
  • To cure muscles trouble.
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Hair Stimulating Medicine


The Hair Stimulating Medicine is the finding of Chinese researcher, Quck Lian Meng for 18 years. With the finding of OPR with content of 25 kinds of natural herbs in the form of lotion may help anyone who has problem with their hair.
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Baby Ointment can be used to assist children having complaints about plugged nose, headache, stomachache, and sprinkled.

Pala Keiji Ointment is specifically designed for insect sting, to overcome the plugged nose, dizzy, stomachache, and sprinkled.

Insect Preventing Ointment is specifically used ot prevent and cure mosquito sting, insect sting, sandfly sting, etc.
Bio Feeder is health meal of most ideal natural probiotic to keep health of intestine flora and balance between activities and bactiria colonization, since it contains L.Acidophilus and B.Longum, ie. beneficial bacteria that provides internal cleansing combination, to detocificating the dangerous agents and to give antibacteria effect.
Coarse Rice Cookies is rice biscuits, kind of daily snacks that is compatible to serve as the opening meal before having meals. With the high fibrous content that can help disgestion well, especially for anyone who is still having recovery process from disease.
Enduring Appetite is seasonings containing natural matters without coloring or preservative substance. The main elements is really taken from selected natural matters and matched with flavor and with some other spices to make the Enduring Appetite so delicious, practical fast in service.
Forever Klin (UP100) is detergent with "Low Foam", yet it has maximum cleaning and specific functions that do not exist in other detergent in general. It is formulated by by considering its ideal function for the detergent that guards color, cloth material and safe for environment.
Forever Smile (Toothpaste) flouride with propolic can be used to stop gum bleeding, to reduce nasty mouth ulcer, to leave out pain due to the cut resulted from incompatible toothbrush, to non-activate the bacteria in mouth, to make mouth fresh andneutralize the plaque acid on teeth.
GINSCAFE Plus is remarkable combination between selected coffees, ginseng extract, sugar and plants creamer. These matters are then mixed and processed in a such way with natural plants substances such as cardamom, aphrodisiac, timur and serimpi. All of the substances are formulated in a fixed and exact dosage so that enjoyment standard of coffee is qualified and good for health.
Lingzhi Oolong Tea is blended from two kinds of qualified plants, Lingzhi and Oolong Tea named Lingzhi Oolong Tea, a kind of health tea with high beneficial tea.
New Morning Dew (Powder) gives coolness and freshness in the whole body. It has unique content and combined with menthol and royal jelly.

New Rozenta (Shampo & Conditioner) contains jojoba oil and menthol that is enriched with royal jelly to make hair soft, fresh, not to easily lose and also longlasting and captivating fregrance.

New Rovera (Shower Gel) is used to treat professional skin. This gel contains royal jelly, aloe, and vitamin E that is beneficial for skin to most inner skin layer.

New Dansha (Anti-Dandruff Shampo) contains active Lamepone UD substance, honey and vitamin E that specifically functions to protect head from fungi and bacteria and to change inactive cells.

New Romanza (Hand Body Lotion) serves to restore the skin elasticity, in addition to giving protection for the sunshine (UV-A & UV-B), enriched with royal jelly, honey, olive oil and vitamin E.
Oto Care Polish (Diamond Glaze) contains specific acrilic and polimer as the rubbing substance that is normally used to clean the fine surface and also to protect the car from the sunshine effect, acid rain, bird droppings, destructive detergent and also to restore the original paint color of the car.

Oto Care (Anti Fungus) is a new breakthrough in the technology of vehicle's glass cleanser to protect the fungus effect that is used to living in the oil and piling dirt on the vehicle glass and often disturbs the driver's sight at night. Anti fungus dissolve the glass fungus or any dirt from mineral matter.

Oto Care Shampo (Shampo Mobil) contains PROTECTIVE WAX serving to dissolve and soften dirt such as waste and mud sticking on the car during the trip.
Vita 5 is health food made from natural matter, without chemical elements and preservative. With different sorts, this makes Vita 5 rich of nutritions especially for vitamins, mineral and several elements of essential amino acid.
NICE "Cleansing Milk"
Pembersih wajah untuk semua jenis kulit dengan keunggulan membersihkan sekaligus melembutkan kulit karena mengandung moisturizer dan skin conditioner.
NICE "Face Tonic"
Lotion penyegar, untuk semua jenis kulit yang mengandung Allantoin dan sedikit Menthol yang berfungsi membersihkan sisa Cleansing Milk yang tidak terangkat serta menyegarkan kulit.
NICE "Foaming Facial Cleanser"
Memiliki kandungan Aloe Vera dan Vitamin B5 yang memberikan nutrisi langsung pada kulit. Melembabkan kulit kering menjadi lembutdan sehat karena busa Aloe Vera sangat bersahabat dengan semua jenis kulit.
NICE "Moisturizer"
Merupakan pelembab yang berbentuk lotion yang berfungsi menambah kadar air terutama yang mengalami dehidrasi. Selain itu pelembab ini mengandung formula khusus LIPACIDE PCO, SQUALENE, UV FILTER yang mampu mempertahankan kelembaban elastisitas kulit, melindungi kulit dari sinar matahari agar kulit tetap sehat dan lembut.
NICE "Foundation"
Foundation dengan formula NON COMEDOGENIC dan OIL FREE menambah kesan cerah dalam perhatian.
NICE "Loose Powder"
Talk dengan moisturizer berunsur pelembab dan minyak natural. Merawat dan melindungi kulit dari kekeringan maupun sengatan matahari, membuat tata rias wajah menjadi sempurna.
NICE "Two Way Cake" (Bedak Padat)
Merupakan gabungan foundation dan powder yang dapat digunakan dalam keadaan kering dan basah. Dilengkapi dengan Squalene, Lauroyl Lysine dan UV Filter yang akan membuat make-up wajah lebih tahan lama, sempurna, berseri dan alami dari pagi hingga petang.
NICE "Eye Shadow"
Serangkaian Eye Shadow 4 warna yang dikemas cantik, dengan menampilkan warna-warna yang serasi dan dipadu harmonis sesuai tata rias sehari-hari yang mampu mempertegas mata.
NICE "Blusher"
Pemerah pipi dengan sapuan halus yang mampu memberikan aksentuasi dalam penampilan tata rias yang dapat memberikan sentuhan hangat dalam setiap penampilan. Tersedia dalam 3 pilihan warna.
NICE "Lipstick"
Rangkaian NICE ...
Bibir jadi lembut dan indah menawan.
Dengan warna-warna ekslusif yang berkesan sensual, sexy dan cerah terhadap setiap pemakai. Dari bahan-bahan bermutu dijadikan inspirasi terciptanya lipstick andalan FOREVER YOUNG dalam menunjang penampilan anda.
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