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Good News. . . ! ! !
Those who join us in the year 2001, the company will provide SPECIAL BONUS out of 13 existing income plan, called PROJECT 2001. This bonus is given to you, D (Distributor) that sponsors the new distributor (either already TUPO or not yet).

For complete information, you may see the following :

Project 2001
Project 2001 is a special bonus out of the existing income plan (out of bonus established by FYIIP). This bonus is applied in the year 2001.

Requirements :
  1. Ranking D (Distributor), NM (Network Manager) dan JND (Junior Network Director)
  2. Personal Points 120 PV /

Terms of Calculation :
  • Bonus shared is 2% of BV National Company every month.
  • Reqruiting balance = number of new distributor of each balancing line at minimum 5.
  • Every time meeting JND is disconnected (for down-line that has become a JND excluding the line balance).
  • Balance maximum is 30 new distributors.
  • The new TUPO distributor does not need balance and no maximum limitation.
  • The calculation based on system points, that is :
    • Each balanced distributor will be given 5 points, and
    • If the so-called TUPO distributor will be given 5 more points. So, each balanced distributor and TUPO will get 10 points.
Y National
x 2 % Total BV National = Bonus Project 2001
  Notes :
Y = Personal Point P2001

Calculation :
  = New Distributor
Known from the net scheme :
(no new distributor's assumption with TUPO).

From A you get 5 points.
From B you get 5 points.

Total point you collect is 10 points.
So bonus Project 2001 is as follows :
Total Point P2001 National
x 2 % Total BV National = Your Bonus P2001
At present we are convinced that you have understood everything about Forever Young Indonesia, and we are very convinced that you have been ready to rush to contact to be a member of Forever Young Indonesia.

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May you reach the peak of success with us.